Andair AG, Switzerland
Website : www.andair.ch
Andair engineers, manufactures and offers a comprehensive range of all required products to equipped shelters.

Explosion protection valves
type ESV 4

Ventilating installation
type VA 300

Explosion protection valves
with airfilters type ESV/VF 4

NBC Survivor 40
small unit for safe room

Explosion protection valves
type FC

NBC filtration
Unit for mobile applications

Explosion protection valves
type KC-T

Air handling
unit type VA 2400

Anchor wall
For explosion protection valve type AW-T

shock resistant

Explosion protection valve
for sanitary vent. type ESV San-100

Diesel generator
EMP protected

Explosion protection valves
for exhaust gases type EGV

Gastight shut-off valve
type GAK - D

Shelter closures

Special gastight shut-off valves

Shelter furnishing

for watertank type MW 55

Switch board
for door electr. drive and door control of a decontamination system

Wall sleeves
for water, electr. and air systems

NBC gasfilter
type GF 600

EMP doors

Ventilating installation
type VA 150

EMP grille
(waveguide) type HC

Various components